UMP3 is perfect microinjection pump for nanoliter to microliter volumes

The UltraMicroPump3 is a versatile microinjection syringe pump designed to support the needs of a busy lab. The UMP3 Microinjector is suitable for delivery of media from nanoliters to milliliters. the UMP3 injecotor’s user interface and system design enables delivery of highly accurate and repeatable injections. The choice for thousands of scientists, it is widely cited in research papers.


Intuitive Touchscreen Display for Easy Setup

The SMARTouch controller has an intuitive touch screen interface and an easy-to-use menu for quick configuration of the syringe size, volumes and flow rates. The total system calibration is designed to eliminate human errors and reduce experimental processing time. Configuration can be saved and subsequently imported as a script via the USB port.

Control 2 Injectors Simultaneously

The SMARTouch controller can independently control two microinjection syringe pumps (microinjectors) simultaneously, providing complete freedom in the experimental procedures. You can trigger the injection directly on the touchscreen or using the optional footswitch to achieve a “hands-free” start and stop operation.

Feature-Rich Graphic Interface

Thanks to the color touchscreen, researchers get vital feedback during the experiments. You can follow the injections with a graphical indication of the flow and the volume remaining in each syringe at any time. Other views offer a range of alternate information screens to suit experimental needs.

User-Configurable Mounting Bar

Depending on your setup, you can adjust the mounting bar to fit directly onto a variety of micromanipulators or stereotaxic frames. The mounting has been designed to allow for amazing flexibility in positioning. By bringing the injector closer to injection site, you reduce the dead volume as it eliminates the need for connection tubing.

Smart Smoothness

Thanks to a dual mode motor drive, the microinjector switches to a microstepping mode whenever the flow rate requires extra precision and extreme smoothness.

Fits a Wide Variety of Syringes

You can use syringes from 0.5 µL up to 1000 µL, adapting to your various injection needs. You can even mount our unique NanoFil syringes, with replaceable thin needles which range from 33 to 36 gauge for minimum disruption and low dead volume. The optional injection kits, such as the intra-vitreal kit or the intra-occular kit, will fit on the NanoFil syringe for even more applications. With the new NanoFIl plunger nut, you can use the Hamiton 7000 Neuros Syringe, too.

NOTE: The NFINHLD-G10 allows you to use glass needles.


The UMP3T-1 Microinjector with the MICRO2T SMARTouch controller is a notable improvement in WPI's microinjection offerings. This microinjection syringe pump is loaded with features to deliver improved workflow efficiency and provide more stable and repeatable injections. Give us a call today to talk with an application specialist about your microinjection needs.




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