STX100 Electrodes TEER Measurement

STX100 Electrode for making TEER measurements with EVOM2With the development of a High Throughput Screening (HTS) protocol for faster drug discovery, a new line of cell culture filter plates have been introduced by several major cell culture insert manufacturers. These HTS plates normally have either 24 or 96 individual cell culture inserts "bonded" together as one plate so that it can be handled by a robot apparatus. In response to these developments, WPI has developed an automatic REMS system and a manual electrode, STX100, for TEER measurements using HTS plates.

  • Designed for use with 24-well HTS plates (Corning Costar and BD Falcon) and with 96-well plates (Millipore and BD Falcon)
  • Improved accuracy down to 5Ω
  • Sterilize with EtO, alcohol or bactericide

STX100's design is based on the same reliable design principle as the universally used STX2 electrode, with several important modifications. The size of the electrode tip has been reduced to 1.5mm to facilitate positioning through the narrower slit of the HTS plate. The STX100 electrode itself is constructed using a stronger material for higher durability and maximum usage applications. The bottom section of the electrode is shaped to fit neatly into the "keyhole" shaped filter well.

This design increase accuracy and reproducibility of TEER readings (±5) of the STX100 electrode compared to the standard STX2. Several versions of STX100 are available, which are designed to fit the Corning Costar 24-well HTS plate, the Falcon 24 well HTS plate, the Millipore Multiscreen CaCo 96-well plate and BD Falcon HTS96-multiwell plate. Measurement can be directly performed when the HTS plate is in either a common or divided tray, reducing the possibilityof contamination, as well as mechanical damage to the cultured cells.

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