SI-CTS200 has a Rotating Cuvette

The SI-CTS200 system utilizes a unique rotating bath to dramatically improve experimental throughput. The rotating bath is designed to orient cells in the XY plane so that no physical manipulation of the position of the cell itself is required prior to capture by the grabbing devices attached to the force sensor and linear actuator.


The cuvette rotates to allow for precise positioning of the cells to be mounted.

This bath has two interchangeable inserts. The first holds any 35mm glass bottom dish (WPI #FD35-100). When coating tweezers or glass rods with a biocompatible adhesive, insert a FluoroDish into the holder and place it in the rotating cuvette. When finished, remove the insert and dispose of the FluoroDish. Then, insert the native cuvette insert containing the live cells.


cuvette cuvette
The two inserts fit into the rotating stage holder. The 35mm glass bottom dish fits into the first insert. The insert and dish are placed in the rotating cuvette.


The force transducer and the nanomotor are mounted on rods that slide into the micromanipulators on the back of the base platform of the SI-CTS200.