New video! Exceptional imaging with Fluorodishes

[by Alec Dickson] 

WPI's FluoroDish™ tissue culture dishes provide exceptional imaging quality for many applications requiring the use of inverted microscopes such as high-resolution image analysis, microinjection and electrophysical recording of fluorescent-tagged cells. We have a 50 mm diameter dish and two types of 35 mm diameter dishes.





Better Optical Properties than Polycarbonate

Each WPI dish has a flat (0.17mm±0.01mm thick), optical quality glass bottom, allowing the use of a much shorter working distance, larger numerical aperture (NA) and higher magnification (up to 100X). The larger NA and higher magnification provide superior quality imaging for both classical and fluorescence microscopy. Higher effective NA yields brighter images for fluorescence and higher resolution in image analysis.

The glass bottom does not fluoresce like plastic culture dishes. The lack of autofluorescence ensures a lower background signal in the fluorescence measurements. That means you can discern smaller or weaker signals.

The glass bottom permits the use of immersion objectives with media such as water, glycerin or oil for the highest magnification possible. To optimize heat-exchange, WPI’s glass-bottom dish is designed to be flush (flat) with the microscope stage or heating unit.

The optical grade glass bottom of WPI’s Fluorodishes means you observe less optical distortion. You can do fluorescence microscopy with no autofluorescence. It also means you get superior UV transmission (30% Transmission at 300nm vs. 7% for competitor’s glass-bottom dish). And, WPI uses a proprietary low-cytotoxicity adhesive to ensures your cells’ survival.

You never need to question the sterility of WPI Fluorodishes. They are individually packed and gamma sterilized.

When you need quality glass bottom cell culture dishes with less optical distortion, excellent UV transmission, low cytotoxicity and guaranteed sterility, order WPI Fluorodishes. Give us a call today to discuss your application.

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