Why buy a PUL-1000

NanoFil™ is a unique low volume syringe developed for improved microinjection in mice and other small animals. NanoFil needles are specially designed with a small outside diameter and spear point for shallow penetration and to cause the least amount of tissue damage. 


Specially designed tips as small as 36 gauge (110 micron OD) are offered in both blunt and beveled styles. These tips will cause less trauma to the tissue than any other form of micro syringe currently in use. NanoFil can be used with many forms of small tubing and tips coupled with the syringe barrel.

  • The blunt tip is used for injection into soft tissue and when a uniform solution distribution is needed.
  • The beveled style is used for applications that involve penetration of tough tissue.

Diffusion at the Tip Minimized

With a 36-gauge needle installed on the NanoFil, the error caused by diffusion at the tip is be reduced to the sub-nanoliter level, compared with the upper 10s of nanoliter range of 100 µm syringes. NanoFil makes accurate injection of a nanoliter possible. 

Tri-Bevel Tip

Shallow Penetration

All of WPI’s beveled tips have a unique 25° tri-surface bevel that is optimized for microinjection. A 10° single-surface beveled tip penetrates better than one with a 25° angle, however the distance between the upper opening to the tip is longer. As a result, it requires a deeper penetration of the tip to achieve the same level of liquid delivery. Deeper penetration means more tissue damage. WPI’s unique 25° beveled tip solves this problem with two extra beveled surfaces.

Pointed Spear Tip for Penetration and Durability

The tip of a single surface beveled tip is actually a blade instead of a point. It dulls quickly. In contrast, the tri-surfaced tip has a real point. It not only penetrates much better but is also much more durable. With a 35-gauge, tri-surface beveled tip, the resistance to the penetration becomes even less.

Each of our tips undergo a penetration test before leaving the factory to guarantee the best results for our customers.


If you have any questions, give us a call at (866) 606-1974 (Toll free in the USA) or email us at wpi@wpiinc.com.