Why buy a PUL-1000

NanoFil™ is a unique low volume syringe developed for improved microinjection in mice and other small animals. Here we show you several ways in which the NanoFil can be used for making injections. You can install the syringe on WPI’s UMP3 UltraMicroPump, using SilFlex tubing and a holder, so you can accurately inject by hand. You can install it in a stereotaxic frame. You can also directly inject by hand.

NanoFil can be used in several different configurations:

  1. Install it on WPI’s UMP3 UltraMicroPump, which allows nanoliter resolution and reproducibility. For neural system injection, you can mount the UMP3 on a stereotaxic frame.

  2. You can use SilFlex tubing and a holder. Mount the needle on a small plastic holder and connected it to the NanoFil by a 35 cm length of flexible tubing. Then mount the NanoFil on the UMP3 pump. This lets you hold the animal in one hand and insert the needle with the other. When the needle reaches the desired location, activate the pump using the foot switch, and the pre-programmed injection volume is injected. You get nanoliter accuracy and reproducibility. It is best suited for applications such as the RPE and IO injection.

  3. Or, you can directly inject by hand. This is the simplest and most economical way to inject. Any of the needles can be inserted directly into the NanoFil syringe. It is difficult to achieve sub-microliter resolution when injecting this way.


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