Run a Softening Test

The PUL-1000 is a microprocessor controlled, four-stage, horizontal puller for making glass micropipettes or microelectrodes. We will show you how to run a glass softening test.




You should run the Softening Test when:

  • You change the filament
  • Lot numbers or capillary types change
  • You create or modify a program
  • The ambient environment changes
  1. Press the STOP key to quit any running program. The following window displays.

Microelectrode Puller

  1. Mount a glass capillary on the carriage.
  2. Press the START key to run the Glass Capillary Softening Test. The heating power increases gradually. The heating stops when the glass begins to move.
  3. Record the heating power. This is the baseline heating value for the glass type tested. It is a good starting point for the first stage of your program.


If you have any questions, just give us a call.


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