SP/SPLG Syringe Pump Post Retrieval


SP/SPLG Syringe Pump

It is not difficult to retrieve the syringe post that has slipped inside the SP or SPLG syringe pump.


Clamping bar and knob

You need to still have the clamping bar and the knob.

The only additional equipment that you will require is a pair of needle nose pliers.








threaded tip

 1.  First look in and verify that you can see the threaded tip of the syringe post.









reach in with the pliers

 2.  If you can see something inside the hole, reach in with the pliers.












pull it up

 3.  Pull it up.














4.  Then, just grab the syringe post with your fingers and screw on the clamping bar with the knob.




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