Loading capillary glass in the puller

The PUL-1000 is a microprocessor controlled, four-stage, horizontal puller for making glass micropipettes or microelectrodes. Here we will see how to load a piece of glass into the carriage.



The glass capillary is held by clamps mounted on two movable carriages. Both carriages synchronously slide as a program is executed.

Microelectrode Puller

  1. Manually slide the carriages together when you are loading the glass.
  2. To open the clamps, place your thumb under the clamp and depress the release button with your index finger.
  3. Slide the glass capillary into the groove from one side. Slide it through the center of heating filament onto the other side. If you want two equivalent length micropipettes, be sure to center the glass in the filament.
  4. Secure the glass capillary with the clamps.

That’s it. Now you’re ready to load a program. If you have any questions, just give us a call.


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