EVOM2 Remix

EVOM2EVOM was the first instrument designed to perform routine Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) measurement in tissue culture research. EVOM2 is the next generation, redesigned for greater useability.

The EVOM2 sports the following features:

  • Rechargeable Battery - EVOM2 , which plugs into a standard wall outlet, comes with a NiMH 6V 200mAH rechargeable battery backup. The battery charges whenever the unit is plugged in. If the battery runs low, the EVOM2 automatically shuts down. Simply install the supplied power cord and plug it into the wall outlet. The battery will fully charge in 24 hours. Normal laboratory testing can continue while the EVOM2 recharges.
  • Tilt Bail - The new tilt bail allows the EVOM2 to be free standing, making it much easier to read than the original EVOM.
  • 4.5 Digit Display - The new 4.5 digit readout provides a range of 1-9,999, eliminating the need for a Range toggle switch.
  • External Testing Circuit - The meter testing function was improved. Now, by simply inserting a "dummy" 1000-ohm test electrode (included) into the input jack, the jack, as well as the measuring circuit, can be tested simultaneously.
  • Analog Output - The BNC output is standard with every EVOM2 , providing a port for recording a remote display of the EVOM2 output.
  • Always Ready - Because the meter always displays the current reading, there's no need for a push button to view the current reading. Now, the scientist no longer needs an extra hand to take a measurement.

Redesigned with the researcher in mind, the EVOM2 includes the best features and reliability of the older model, and it is much easier to use. 


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