benefits of disposable scalpels

WPI’s disposable scalpels come in eight different styles and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Here you can see what makes WPI inexpensive, disposable scalpels such a popular tool.



Disposable scalpels are perfect for one-time surgical uses, dissections, woodworking, taxidermy, clay modeling and more. They are ideal for students, researchers, and crafters.

  • WPI disposable scalpels have surgical stainless-steel blades installed on plastic handles.
  • The plastic handle of the scalpel is textured to ensure a firm grip, and it is lightweight for comfortable use.
  • The handle includes a handy, integrated 6 cm metric ruler etched on it.
  • They come sterile and individually wrapped, with 10 blades in each box.
  • Each disposable knife comes with a cap to protect the blade for safe disposal or to save the used scalpel for another application.

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