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  1. DNA/RNA Quantification Using DIPUV-Mini and a Tidas Spectrometer
    May 01, 2013
    Abstract Concentrations of DNA in solution (31µg/mL and 688µg/mL) were measured with a spectrometer and UV/VIS light source in a DIPUV-Mini. Due to the 2mm pathlength, use of a DIPUV-Mini does not require a pre-measurement dilution within this concentration range, thus a potential source of error was eliminated. Experimental Procedure Standard solutions of DNA (Sigma D1626) were prepared gravimetrically using 18.2MΩ/cm ultrapurified water as a solvent. Solutions were prepared between 0.0µg/mL and 687.6µg/mL. Measurements were
  2. Recording from Sensory Nerves While Stretching Muscles
    May 01, 2013
    Stretch receptors are specialized fibers that are in parallel to the fibers in muscle. The receptors stretch as the muscle is lengthened, and they generate action potentials. The frequency of these action potentials is proportional to the length of muscle stretch and the position of the muscle. Through sensory nerve fibers from the stretch receptors, the action potentials and their frequency provide feedback to the central nervous system that will modulate reflex responses and motor control of the muscle. Setup For these studies, the whole muscle and the nerve that innervates it are isolated from the organism. A muscle and its nerve, like the Soleus, is isolated and placed in the cuvette of an SI-MT or SI-HTB muscle research system. The muscle is positioned so that the myoneural junction (the place where the nerve innervates the muscle) is on the top side of the muscle. The ends
  3. EVOM2 Remix
    April 30, 2013
    EVOM was the first instrument designed to perform routine Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) measurement in tissue culture research. EVOM2 is the next generation, redesigned for greater useability. The EVOM2 sports the following features: Rechargeable Battery - EVOM2 , which plugs into a standard wall outlet, comes with a NiMH 6V 200mAH rechargeable battery backup. The battery charges whenever the unit is plugged in. If the battery runs low, the EVOM2 automatically shuts down. Simply install the supplied power cord and plug it into the wall outlet. The battery will fully charge in 24 hours. Normal laboratory testing can continue while the EVOM2 recharges.
  4. Stimulator/Isolator Comparison Chart
    April 30, 2013
    WPI offers a range of isolators and stimulators. Use the chart below to find the components that are compatible. Isolators  Features Input Output Compatible Stimulators DLS100
  5. Universal Pipette Tips Selection Chart
    April 30, 2013
    Ultra-clear and certified RNase/DNase-free WPI's Universal Pipette Tips are for use with Eagle and most other pipetters, including Gilson, Oxford Benchmate, Socorex and SealPette. Universal Tips Order code Qty. Tip Volume For Pipetter 500191
  6. Choosing a Temperature Probe
    April 30, 2013
    Flexible Teflon microprobes are used for implantation in tissue, in spectrophotometer cuvettes, rectally in neonatal mice, in water baths, PCR thermal cyclers, etc. Animal rectal temperatures during surgical procedures and pyrogen testing. Skin temperature measurement during exercise physiology studies. When precise temperature measurements are required, WPI can provide you with a very accurate monitor and thermocouple microprobes. WPI monitors have both resolution and accuracy of 0.1°C in the 0-50°C range and are traceable to NIST standards, whereas, other competitive electronic thermometers have an accuracy that is usually to 0.5°C or worse. Furthermore, all our type T clinical probes are guaranteed accurate to 0.1°C, due to our stringent wire standards. These are five times more accurate than competitive probes made with regular “Special Limits” wire. Probe Sterilization Methods: The needle microprobes and animal rectal
  7. Cell Tester Boast Some Ingenious Features
    April 30, 2013
    Physiologic Mechanisms in Cardiac Myocytes and Skeletal Muscle Cells The revolutionary Cell Tester SI-CTS200 is a new research tool for cellular investigation that can (without any changes) be used for one single living cell, for a small multi-cellular preparation and for single or larger skinned muscle strip preparations. Translational experiments from the single living cells to the intact multi-cellular level can be accomplished. For example, using the Cell Tester, the influence of the connective tissue on muscle function can be distinguished from the clean muscle work for the first time. Conversely, skinning allows a direct comparison between the living cell response and a cell, whereby the subcellular contractile proteins are studied with full e
  8. Setting up OxyMicro and OxyMini
    April 30, 2013
    A New Generation of Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors Based on Luminescence Lifetime Oxygen measurement is simpler than ever. Just stick a disposable, oxygen-sensitive "spot" to the inside of a flask, beaker, test tube or bottle, and fill the container  with the solution to be tested. Then, on the outside of the glass container, hold the fiber optic wand close to the spot to take a reading. As the spot reacts with oxygen, it gives off light, which is measured with the fiber optic wand. This ingenious system is highly accurate and affordable. Two different units (which use the same operating principles are available: OXY-MINI and OXY-MICRO.  The OXY-MINI system is optimized for process control and biotechnology applications. The
  9. Buying Multi-Barrel Glass Capillaries
    April 30, 2013
    Two-barrel, 3-barrel, 5-barrel and 7-barrel glass capillaries are available at WPI. Multi-barrel configurations are designed especially for microiontophoresis. Because the capillaries are fused together during manufacturing, you will not need to twist them while pulling to seal the tips together. An inner filament in each barrel makes filling easy and fast. Multi-Barrel Borosilicate Glass Tubing with Filaments Order code Length
  10. Bovie Part Number Matrix
    April 30, 2013
    Use the table below to compare WPI and Bovie part numbers. Order code Bovie P/N Description 500384 AB03 Micro Bur Handle, 1225 rpm 500385 AB04 Micro Burr Handle, 1225 rpm
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