900A Micropressure System from WPI

The 900A is designed to measure hydrostatic pressure in small vessels and cells. Pressure ranges of -200 to +400 millimeters of mercury can be measured with stability and accuracy. The system's sensing element is an electrolyte-filled glass microelectrode with a tip diameter range of 2 to 5 microns. Pressures of electrolyte solutions are measured by maintaining a salt concentration gradient at the tip of the sensing electrode in dynamic equilibrium by applying an equal air pressure inside the microelectrode. The pressure reading appears on the front panel display and via the BNC recorder output. Because the piezo electric pressure controller uses external pressure and vacuum sources, pressures lower than -200 to greater than +400 mm Hg can be quickly and accurately measured at the microelectrode tip.


Now, you can see how to setup your 900A Micropressure system.


Watch how to regulate the pressure and the vacuum for your 900A using a PM015 pressure manometer.

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