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EVOM3 TEER meter

The NEW EVOM3 Epithelial Volt/Ohm Meter delivers improved workflow efficiency, increased stability and more repeatable measurements than traditional Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) meters. Here are seven things you will love about the new EVOM3.



1. It has an intuitive Touchscreen Display

Providing users with vital feedback during experimental measurements, the EVOM3’s large touch screen offers a range of informational views. The new graphical displays for trend analysis and measurement values helps you deliver a simple, stepwise methodology during experimental measurements. The touch screen interface has an intuitive, easy-to-use menu for configuration and calibration that is designed to eliminate human errors and reduce experimental processing time.

2. EVOM3 offers Auto Data Logging

Eliminating the need to log data by hand, the EVOM3 writes the resistance or voltage information to a USB drive in CSV format for easy transfer to spreadsheets and data analysis programs.

3. With the EVOM3 you get Hands Free Recording

When used with the footswitch, it enables hands-free recording of measurements.

4. You can make Quick, Easy, Reliable Readings

At the heart of the EVOM3 is our latest processor and circuitry, providing users with quick, easy and reliable readings due to its fast stabilization, automatic twenty times sampling average and low noise design. The auto ranging resistance feature allows for fast resistance measurements, and an over-range display feature eliminates false readings.

5. Evom offers a Variety of Measurement Ranges

The EVOM3 has adjustable current levels in three fixed ranges with two lower ranges for sensitive membranes and high resistance ranges up to 100 KΩ. Being able to hold the measurement current down to 4 uA or 2 uA can prevent electrical damage to a sensitive cell line and minimize tissue stimulation for a long measurement. Having multiple ranges eliminates the need for separate meters.

6. It has Auto Backup and Restore

EVOM3 automatically prevents data loss when the battery runs low. It saves your work to a USB thumbdrive and restores the data when the EVOM3 powers up again.

7. EVOM3’s Solid Electrode ensures Repeatable Measurements

The spatial positioning of an electrode during TEER measurement has a significant effect on the reading. It is critical to get repeatable positioning in the well plates. The STX2-PLUS electrode sets new standards on achieving consistent spatial positioning because of its unique keyed base. The electrode cable is shielded to minimize electrical and cell phone interference. The STX2-PLUS has a weighted electrode base allowing for hands-free stable measurements across many 12 and 24-well plates.


The EVOM3 is a notable improvement in WPI’s TEER measurement offering. It’s loaded with features to deliver improved workflow efficiency and provide more stable and repeatable measurements. Give us a call today to talk with an application specialist about your TEER measurement options.


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