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  1. Zebrafish Microinjection Technique from JoVE
    June 25, 2014
    Chiara Cianciolo Cosentino, at the University of Pittsburgh, describes how she uses intravenous microinjections of zebrafish larvae to study acute kidney injury in this JoVE video. You can also watch this video on JoVE. WPI equipment shown in this video includes: MMP Manual Microsyringe Pump PV820 Pneumatic PicoPump M3301 Manual Micromanipulator M10 Magnetic Stand 5052 Steel Base Plate
  2. 900A Micropressure System from WPI
    May 01, 2014
    The 900A is designed to measure hydrostatic pressure in small vessels and cells. Pressure ranges of -200 to +400 millimeters of mercury can be measured with stability and accuracy. The system's sensing element is an electrolyte-filled glass microelectrode with a tip diameter range of 2 to 5 microns. Pressures of electrolyte solutions are measured by maintaining a salt concentration gradient at the tip of the sensing electrode in dynamic equilibrium by applying an equal air pressure inside the microelectrode. The pressure reading appears on the front panel display and via the BNC recorder output. Because the piezo electric pressure controller uses external pressure and vacuum sources, pressures lower than -200 to greater than +400 mm Hg can be quickly and accurately measured at the microelectrode tip.
  3. Electronics Setup for Muscle Tester Platforms
    April 14, 2014
    Watch as we connect an SI-H single channel, motorized horizontal tissue bath with the necessary electronics. The same connections could be made for a Muscle Tester, a Horizontal Tissue Bath or an MKB Muscle Tester Platform. These muscle testers are used for running the full gamut of muscle physiology experiments. More Info
  4. SI-HTB Horizontal Tissue Bath Setup
    April 03, 2014
    Now, you can see the assembly of the World Precision Instruments SI-HTB2 Horizontal Tissue Bath. The  SI-HTB2 is used for muscle physiology research on small tissue samples. It is available with micrometers or motor assemblies. It is also available as 2-channel or 4-channel systems. More Info
  5. WPI Instruments featured in JoVE Video on Cross-Pollination
    October 03, 2013
    WPI surgical instruments were recently featured in a JoVE video that demonstrates a new method for cross pollinating grasses.   More Info Jiang, H., Barbier, H., Brutnell, T. Methods for Performing Crosses in Setaria viridis, a New Model System for the Grasses. J. Vis. Exp. (80), e50527, doi:10.3791/50527 (2013).
  6. ATC2000 Features New Adaptive Mode Technology
    October 03, 2013
    See how simple it is to operate the new ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller. The new adaptive mode takes the guesswork out of temperature control so you can focus on the details of your own experiment. More Info
  7. How to Assemble a SurgioScope
    September 16, 2013
    The PSMB5N Surgical Microscope has a motorized focusing system that allows for hands free operation. It is lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver. Dual bulbs prevent illumination failure during surgery. It has an optional video adapter and five magnification steps. This video shows you how to assemble your microscope. Safety is a primary concern when setting up equipment. Here are a few pointers. This setup requires open space to work in. Be sure to remove the packing materials as soon as you unpack your boxes. Watch your hands when you are using a box cutter. The articulating arm is spring loaded. Be sure to release the tension on it in a controlled manner. Be sure to remove all parts from the boxes before you throw
  8. How to Add a Camera to a Surgical Microscope
    September 16, 2013
    Watch as Gabe turns a binocular surgical microscope into a trinocular microscope and adds a video camera.   See Selection
  9. How to Use an EndOhm Chamber with an EVOM2
    September 03, 2013
    The EVOM2 measures trans epithelial electrical resistance (TEER) in tissue culture research. The EndOhm series of chambers for the EVOM2 are designed to accurately measure trans endothelial electrical resistance. Learn how to setup your EndOhm Chamber with an EVOM2 Epithelial Volt Ohm Meter. See how to equilibrate the sensors when taking a voltage measurement. And, learn how to take resistance and voltage measurements.  
  10. Microinjection in Zebrafish Otocytes
    August 23, 2013
    Researchers at the University of Michigan are using WPI's PV820 for injecting a morpholino solution into the lumen of the otic vesicle of 1-day old zebrafish embryos.  Then, they use electroporation to introduce mif and mif-like morpholinos into the developing inner ear tissues. Check out the JOVE video
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