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  1. How to Choose an Appropriate Detergent
    June 21, 2021
    WPI offers alkaline cleaners for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, healthcare, precision engineering, and other sectors.
  2. WPI Instruments featured in JoVE Video on Cross-Pollination
    October 03, 2013
    WPI surgical instruments were recently featured in a JoVE video that demonstrates a new method for cross pollinating grasses.   More Info Jiang, H., Barbier, H., Brutnell, T. Methods for Performing Crosses in Setaria viridis, a New Model System for the Grasses. J. Vis. Exp. (80), e50527, doi:10.3791/50527 (2013).
  3. ATC2000 Features New Adaptive Mode Technology
    October 03, 2013
    See how simple it is to operate the new ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller. The new adaptive mode takes the guesswork out of temperature control so you can focus on the details of your own experiment. More Info
  4. New Product: Pickup Tweezers
    September 03, 2013
    WPI now offers suction tweezers that are ideal for picking up small objects with a flat surface. The Pickup Tweezers are perfect for handling and positioning coverslips, removing small tissues from a solution or manipulation of small electronic components. The Pickup Tweezers (#504523) require no power or batteries, and are safe from all electrostatic discharge. This kit includes the metal body (handle), a straight metal needle, an angled metal needle, three rubber cups (4, 6 and 9mm diameter) and a lubricant set. When your fingers are just too big, and standard tweezers are awkward, the Pickup Tweezers are perfect.
  5. Neuroscience Cannulas for in vivo Investigation of Rodents
    April 24, 2013
    The WPI cannula system for neuroscience study and pre-clinical research includes an entire range of cannula options. You are guaranteed: Exceptional Quality Best Prices Rapid Order Response The three primary components include the Guide Cannula, the Internal Cannula and the Dummy Cannula (cap). WPI cannulas are beveled inside and out and then polished to remove any burrs and ensure that the inside diameter is perfectly cylindrical. This limits undesired trauma to tissue and ensures smooth operation. WPI offers exceptional quality at the best prices. Quantities of each item are kept in stock so you can order as needed. You can see the difference for yourself, when you compare the WPI cannula with the top competitor under a microscope. Guide Cannulas The Guide Cannula is a surgical grade, stainlesssteel tube that is implanted into a rodent's skull and cemented into place using dental cement and screws. It guides the Internal Cannula to the specific injection site. Internal Cannula The Internal Cannula is inserted into the Guide Cannula to sample or inject fluid. Dummy Cannula The Dummy Cannula has a stainless steel wire core,
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