Optical Sensing Systems

Optical Sensing Systems

World Precision Instruments (WPI) is proud to announce the release of the next generation of optical sensors for oxygen, pH and ammonia.

pH-LUX Optical pH Sensor System

The pH–LUX Optical Sensor System is optimal for measuring pH in the physiological range [5.5-8.5].


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  • Fast response time
  • Superior dynamic range when compared to existing optical
  • pH detection systems
  • Exceptional low drift optical sensor
  • Macro and micro tip sizes available upon request
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) immune
  • Ethernet connectivity and optional Web-based interface
    for remote monitoring


  • Transient changes to pH precisely recorded
  • Lower out of pocket costs for an entry level optical pH sensor system
  • Use your PC, mobile phone or tablet for data collection
  • Small footprint and micro sensing tips to profile pH in hard to reach spaces
  • No electrical current at the sensor heads, making the pH–LUX system ideal for neural measurements


100 µm minimum sensor size in both fixed and retractable formats in a syringe.

Range pH 4-10
Precision 1%
Accuracy 2% of scale
Response time < 30 seconds
Temperature range 0-50ºC, probe can have temperature sensor
Salt resistant/non-interfering up to 1M NaCl or KCl
Theory of measurement Fluorescent intensity






pH-LUX Optical pH Sensor & System Instruction Manual


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