Premium Stereotaxic Instruments

Premium Stereotaxic Instruments

WPI has a premium line of stereotaxic instruments designed for research. These frames and accessories stand up to daily laboratory use and offer the precision you demand. We are committed to bringing you the quality products you need, and the affordable solutions you want.

WPI offers stereotaxic frames for animals of various sizes like mice, rats, cats, guinea pigs, hamster, monkeys, dogs, etc. and accessories like neonatal adapters, ear bars, probe holders and tooth bars. A broad variety of stereotaxic instruments are available for various applications.

  • Basic frames with single or dual arms
  • Motorized and digital frames
  • Parallel rail frames

WPI Stereotaxic frames:

  • Are convenient to use and highly accurate (to 100 µm)
  • Offer smooth and versatile movement
  • Provide stability and adaptability

Some of these frames have temperature control in the base to maintain body temperature of the animals during the surgery.

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