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  5. Biopsy Punches
    When you need to take minimally invasive, small samples quickly, the biopsy punch is the right choice. The biopsy punch is a hand held, pencil-shaped instrument with a slender, pencil-like body. It is lightweight with a hollow, circular, stainless steel, cutting tip. Uses for Biopsy Punches Punches are not solely used in dermatology. Biopsy punches are also designed for therapeutics, cosmetic procedures, and for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Punches have found their way into the research world and are frequently used in a variety of applications: Electrophysiology–Specimen samples are collected for patch recording. Bio-pharmacology–Biopsy punches are used for obtaining neuro transmitters for analysis of metabolic changes in response to active substances. Anti-aging research–Skin samples are collected to observe the response to anti-aging medication in the development of regenerative tissue products and biomaterials. Forensic sampling–Forensic scientists can cut, retrieve, store and eject samples from materials like skin, gel, films, paint chips and paper. Microfluidics/Lab on a Chip–Researchers may punch flow inlets, outlets and reservoirs in microfluidic chambers molded of PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane). Plant and medical genomics–Samples may be collected from the leaves, flowers and stems of plants for use in DNA isolation applications.
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