LWCC Injection System

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  • Efficient injection of a sample into the loop
  • Minimize contamination and bubbles
  • Constant flow rate

The LWCC-Injection-SYS, together with a pump and liquid waveguide capillary cell (LWCC), provides an efficient, continual flow for injecting a sample through the LWCC. This system minimizes contamination and the formation of tiny bubbles that interfere with spectroscopic data recording. The pump provides a constant flow rate and pressure for the sample delivery.

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Wetted Materials  PEEK®, PFA®, Vespel®, Teflon®
Flow Speed  0-10mL/minute
Sample Loop Volume  80-5,000μL (using 0.040" ID tubing)
Tubing OD  0.0625"
Sample Injection Method  Induction syringe/peristaltic pump
Tubing ID 0.020" Orange PEEK
0.040" Natural PEEK
0.020" PFA
Fittings 1/4 - 28 Flangeless Fittings (Selection and
Injection Valves)
10 - 32 One-piece, finger-tight PEEK fitting
Maximum Valve Operating Temperature  80ºC




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