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  • Ready-to-use, high-level disinfectant

Excellent biocide for WPI’s nitric oxide sen­sors and other sen­si­tive instruments which cannot be subjected to alco­hol or autoclave.

CIDEX OPA Solution, a 0.55% ortho-phthalaldehyde solution, is glutaraldehyde-free and effective at room temperature (68°F). Test strips are available to test the MEC of the solutions. Non-cor­ro­sive to instruments.

  • Please refer to manufacturer instruction prior to use.
  • No activating or mixing need it
  • Glutaraldehyde-free (0.55% ortho-phthalaldehyde) high-level disinfecting solution. Rapid 5-minute soak time at 25°C in an automated endoscope re processor. Twelve-minute soak time 20°C for manual reprocessing.
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