Prepared Microscope Slide Set - 50 pieces

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  • 50 piece slide set

1.   Stem of monocotyledon X.S.
2.   Stem of dicotyledon X.S.
3.   Epidermis, broad bean leaf showing stomata W.M.
4.   Paramecium W.M.
5.   Large intestine section
6.   Leaf of dicotyledon X.S.
7.   Pine needle X.S.
8.   Lung section
9.   Small intestine section
10.  Liver section
11.  Frog blood smear
12.  Mosquito mouth W.M.
13.  Human blood smear
14.  Mitosis of plant cell section
15.  Squamous epithelium, scrapings from human mouth
16.  Housefly legs W.M.
17.  Root of monocotyledon X.S.
18.  Wing of housefly W.M.
19.  Pine, mature wood X.S.
20.  Fish scale W.M.
21.  Tongue from mammal section
22.  Leaf of cotton X.S.
23.  Nerve cell W.M.
24.  Daphnia W.M.
25.  Connective tissues from mammal section
26.  Mouth part housefly W.M.
27.  Legs of honeybee W.M.
28.  Pollen tubes W.M
29.  Epidermis broad bean leaf W.M. showing stomata
30.  Winter jasmine leaf X.S.
31.  Saccharomycete W.M.
32.  Spirogyra W.M.
33.  Lichen W.M.
34.  Separated smooth muscle W.M.
35.  Lilium, section of mature pollen
36.  Skin of reptile section
37.  Spermary section
38.  Chlamydomonas W.M.
39.  Moss, W.M. of antheridia cluster with antheridia
40.  Skin of frog section
41.  Root nodule section
42.  Hydra L.S.
43.  Bladder section
44.  Hydra X.S.
45.  Stratified squamous epithelium section
46.  Skeletal muscles X.S.
47.  Pesudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium section
48.  Artery X.S.
49.  Fern prothallium W.M.
50.  Collenchymas section

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