Vet Tech Surgical Instrument ID Kit

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 Learn to identify surgical instruments

  • 29 Surgical Instruments with display case and flash cards
  • Learning to identify surgical instruments is easier when students can handle each instrument and compare action, weight and feel

The new Veterinary Assisting Surgical Instrument Identification Kit has all the tools needed to prepare your students for the State Proficiency Test — and the surgical kit comes with a set of flash cards to teach identification of the tools used by Veterinary Assistants. The informative flash cards let you learn more about the uses of each instrument while you learn how to identify them.

The Surgical Kit includes 28 of the most common surgical instruments:

1–Halsted Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps
2–Rochester-Ochsner Forceps
3–Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder
4–Babcock Tissue Forceps
5–Rochester-Pean Forceps
6–Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
7–Allis Tissue Forceps
8–Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors
9–Mayo Dissecting Scissors
10–Crile Forceps
11–Lister Bandage Scissor
12–Russian Thumb Forceps
13–Wire Suture Cutting Scissors
14–Gelpi Retractor
15–Bone Chisel
16–Brown-Adson Thumb Forceps
17–Snook Ovariohysterectomy Hook
18–Backhaus Towel Clamps
19–Rochester-Carmalt Hemostatic Forceps
20–Alligator Forceps
21–Adson Thumb Tissue Forceps
22–Weitlaner Retractor
23–Littauer Suture Removal Scissor
24–Tenotome Knife
25–Rat Tooth Thumb Forceps
26–Kelly Forceps
27–Bone Curette
28–DeBakey Vascular Thumb Forceps

If you or your students are preparing for board exams, make learning easier. Order this surgical kit with the informative flash cards and start learning to correctly identify surgical instruments.

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