pH Mini disposable Dipping Probe

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Small and Robust pH Dipping Sensor, NO Reference Electrode Needed
  • Immune to electrical interferences and magnetic fields
  • Low drift
  • High spatial resolution due to small tip size
  • Measurement in very small sample volumes
  • Additional optical isolation of the sensor tip is available for measurements in colored or photosynthetically active samples
  • For use with PH-OPTICA-MINI


  • User-friendly software saves and visualizes measured values
  • Several pHOptica meters can be connected to one computer
  • Temperature variation is recorded using a temperature sensor
  • No reference electrode is needed

Applications (pH Mini Sensors)

  • OD of the dipping sensor is 4 mm
  • Sterilization of the pH sensor spots via gamma radiation
  • pH mini sensor meter is based on 2 mm PMMA waveguides
  • Drift of 0.1 pH units for 10,000 measurements (4 days measurement in the 30 sec data update mode).

pHOptica™ is a pH measuring system which uses fiber optic sensors and patented DLR technology. This method allows referenced measurements with single excitation to be implemented.
Two different housings and sensor spots (sensorfoils) are available.

The pHOptica mini system is a single channel pH system for use with fiber optic mini sensors, foil and spot surface sensors. The applications include: non-invasive and non-distractive pH measurements from outside through flask walls (cell culture), online pH monitoring by flow through cells, and dipping probe pH measurements.



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