C-Mount to Eyepiece Adapter Kit, 2.0x

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  • Connect digital microscope camera to eyepiece of microscope
  • 2.0x for SLR digital cameras, 30mm stereo adapter, 1x c-mount adapter


This adapter connects T-mount SLR digital cameras to almost any microscope on the market. The adapter is built to 23.2 mm ocular tubes that are found on most high magnification (upright, inverted, standard) microscopes. The 30 mm adapter allows mounting on most Stereo zoom microscopes that use 30 mm oculars. If you already have a trincocular microscope you can add this adapter to the top of an existing 1X C-mount adapter.

The 2X magnification of this microscope adapter yields an approximate 65% field of view from the visual field as measured on a Canon 10D Digital camera. (CCD Sensor size = 22.7 x 15.1 mm). 35 mm clearance film reference size is 24 x 36 mm. Please contact your camera dealer for a suitable T-mount to bayonet adapter for your camera.

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