MRI Stereotaxic Instrument for Dogs or Monkeys

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  • For Dogs and Monkeys
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Compatible
  • Use Tapeded Ear Bars for Accurate Locatinn
  • Includes intra-orbital clamps and tooth bar
  • Will not generate electromagnet interference

This frame is specifically designed for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) environments. Using tapered ear bars, you can locate the dog or monkey accurately and firmly. It includes adjustable intra-orbital clamps and a tooth bar to prevent rotation of the skull. This MRI stereotaxic instrument is developed using special, non-metalic materials, which will not generate electromagnetic interference.

Animals Dog, Monkey
Material Plastic
A/P Bar 19.00mm x 19.00mm
A/P Bar Length 325mm
A/P Bar calibration 100mm each side of zero (ear bar center line)
Frame Bar center line distance 178.5mm
A/P Zero to Posterior end of bar 120mm
Ear Bar Locator Position Aligned to A/P zero
Base Plate 200 x 200mm
Eye Bar A/P Adjustment 95mm
Palate Bar A/P Adjustment 80mm
Palate Bar D/V Adjustment 35mm
Adaptor Plate A/P Adjustment 40mm


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