Manual Microsyringe Injection Holder

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  • For use with stereotaxic frame
  • 10µm resolution
  • 25mm travel
  • Holds probes 0.3mm to 1.5mm OD
  • Holds syringe barrel from 3-12mm in diameter
  • Holds needles from 0.3-1.6mm diameter

The manual stereotaxic injector provides an economical means of injecting/withdrawing a calibrated volume with simple, precise manual control. Mounted directly to a stereotaxic manipulator, it allows for precise injection directly through the needle into the brain tissue. Syringe volume range: 1μL to 500μL
Movement accuracy: 10μm
Total travel: 25mm

div = 10 um, syringes above 10 ul are 60 mm scale
5 ul syringe (54.1 mm scale) – 0.00092 μl/div (0.92 nl/div)
5 ul syringe (27.05 mm scale) – 0.0018 μl/div (1.84 nl/div)
10μL syringe (54.1 mm scale, 0.485 ID) - 0.0018μL/div (1.84 nl/div)
10μL syringe (for example NANOFIL) (60 mm scale, 0.46 ID) - 0.0016μL/div (1.66 nl/div)
25μL syringe - 0.00416μL/div  (4.16 nl/div)
50μL syringe - 0.0833μL/div (8.33 nl/div)
100μL syringe - 0.0165μL/div (16.51 nl/div)
250μL syringe - 0.0415μL/div (41.54 nl/div)
500μL syringe - 0.0833μL/div (83.33 nl/div)


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