Half Inch CS-mount Adapter for SurgioScope

Order code
  • 1/2" CS-mount Adaptor 
  • Requires Beam Splitter #501637
  • For use with the PSMB5N/PSMBT5N Sugical microsope

1/2" CS-mount Adaptor (requires Beam Splitter 501637)

Camera to Microscope Configurations


This camera mount can only be used with CS-mount cameras or CS-mount capable cameras.

  • A CS camera adapter has the same lens thread as a C-mount, it has a 12.5mm focus and a C-mount has a 17.5mm focus to the CCD plane.
  • A CS-mount mera can be converted to a C-mount by adding the 5mm ring to the camera.
  • A C-mount camera that does not have the removable ring cannot be converted to a CS camera.

C-mount Camera with 12.5mm focal length     CS-Mount Camera - See the 5mm ring is attached

A CS-mount capable camera like the one in these images is a C-mount camera that the 5mm extension ring can be removed from. When the ring is in place (Right) it is a C-Mount. When the ring is removed (Left) it is a CS-Mount.

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