Aaron Medical Electrosurgery Unit 1250

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  • Cut, Coagulation, Fulguration, Bipolar Modes

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All the Bovie accessories for the A1250 are available. Please call when ordering. 866.606.1974


This high performance electrosurgical generator is ideal for use in the modern physician's office, surgi-center, and research lab. The five separate output modes, which allow cutting, blended cutting, coagulating, fulgurating, and bipolar, make this electrosurgical generator suitable for all types of medical procedures and surgeries, with safety, flexibility, reliability, and convenience.

  • Large illuminated digital displays
  • Rotary power-control dial provides smooth, rapid power adjustments.
  • Five Output Modes:
    Cut (120W)
    Blend (90W)
    Coagulation (Pinpoint 80W)
    Fulguration (Spray 40W)
    Bipolar (30W) 
  • Self-test circuits
  • Audible tones 
  • Discreet outputs (FCFS™ - First Come First Served) 
  • Isolated circuitry 
  • BovieNEM™ (Neutral Electrode Monitoring)
  • Digital Error Detection


Output Power Cut: 120W
Blend: 90W
Coagulation: 80W
Fulguration: 40W
Bipolar: 30
Line Voltage A1250: 120 VAC ± 10%
A1250-220: 220 VAC ± 10%
Output Frequency 350-800kHz
Line Frequency 50-60 Hz
Dimensions Width: 26.04 cm (10.25")
Height: 15.24 cm (6")
Depth: 29.85 cm (11.75")
Weight < 5.5 kg (< 12 lbs.)
Warranty (Unit) - 2 years
General Specifications  
Classification class 1 equipment,IEC 60601-1
Type BF(defibrillator proof)
Spillage Protection Drip Proof(IEC 60601-2-2)
Output configuration Isolated(RF floating)
Cooling Natural convection,no fan
Input characteristics 100-240 VAC+/- 10%
Output Characteristics  
  Output Power
Output Frequency
Rep. Rate


357kHz +/-50kHz

25kHz+/- 5 kHz
30W@200ohms 410kHz+/-50kHz 32kHz +/- 5kHz
Duty Cycle 10seconds on / 30seconds off for one hour

The Aaron 1250 has passed the following safety standards:
CSA C22.2 NO 601.1-M90,
UL 2601-1-UL,
IEC 60601-2-2 (1998-90),
CENELEC EN 60601-1-2,
FCC PART 15 Class A.

This kit includes:

  • Unit
  • Power Cord
  • One Sterile Disposable Pencil (ESP1)
  • One Reusable Grounding Cord (1252C)
  • Five Sterile Disposable Split Grounding Pads (ESRE-1)
  • Three Sterile Disposable Electrodes (one ES01 blade, one ES02 needle, one ES20 ball)
  • Instruction Manual

All the Bovie accessories for the A1250 are available. Please call when ordering. 866.606.1974

  • Disposable and Reusable Pencils
  • Bipolar Forceps (Reusable)
  • Disposable Electrodes
  • Reusable Electrodes
  • Disposable Loops
  • A1253 Two Pedal Footswitch
  • A1255A Adaptor for Connecting Footswitching Pencil (ESP7) *Sterile
  • A1252C Connecting Cord for ESRE and ESRS Grounding Pads *Sterile
  • ESRS Solid Adult Return Electrode (Grounding Pad)
  • ESRE Split Adult Return Electrode (Grounding Pad)
  • ESRSC Solid Adult Return Electrode (Grounding Pad) with 2.8 M Cable, 50/box
  • ESREC Split Adult Return Electrode (Grounding Pad) with 2.8 M Cable, 50/box
  • ESMS-C Mobile Stand with Instrumemt Drawer and Bottom Smoke Evacuator Tray
  • ESMS Mobile Stand with Instrument Drawer
  • ESMS-BT Bottom Smoke Evacuator Tray
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